Why your guillotine isn't cutting square

proTIP #26: How to adjust the back gauge on your guillotine


Sometimes through regular wear and tear, your guillotine's back gauge may need adjusting. And there's a very simple way that you can check it. 

  1. Mark one side of a sheet of paper and place it into the cutter. Keep in mind how you have it oriented.

  2. Cut the sheet

  3. Remove the sheet from the cutter and fold it in half. Compare the width of the ends. 

If the two ends are even, your back gauge is sitting square. 

But if one side is sticking out, you know what the back gauge needs adjusting. The mark that you made on the sheet will help you determine which side of the back gauge you need to adjust. 

Once you've adjusted the back gauge, you can repeat the test until you have a sheet that folds with the two ends even. Don't forget to retighten your center bolt! 

If you have any issues with your guillotine, we're only a phone call away. You can contact our service team at our main company line, or via email. 

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