Understanding the differences between laminate film types

Which laminate film is best for your application?

TRADEpro Laminates


Our PETpro laminate film is polyester-based. It's a thermal laminate that comes in a variety of sizes on 1, 2.25, and 3 inch cores, with finishes including gloss, matte and dry erase. Typically we see people choose polyester-based films for their transparency/clarity, strength and adhesion. This composition makes them a great choice for double-sided applications. Then for digital prints, which are harder to stick to, we have PETpro UltraGrip which is formulated with a stronger adhesive.
Typically, we see PETpro films used as a layer of protection or to provide rigidity. Customers tend to use it for applications such as menus for restaurants, table mats, posters, pop-up displays, backstage passes, credit cards, etc. In a lot of cases, the prints are encapsulated rather than run flush trim to reduce the chance of the piece being damaged. 


POLYpro laminate film is a polypropylene (OPP)-based thermal laminate that comes in gloss and matte finishes on 3" cores. It's a low cost option for adding a matte or gloss finish, and is designed for single-sided applications. It's popular because of it's clarity, excellent ink adhesion and its bond strength. It's also resistant to grease and oil, making it the film of choice for applications that will see a lot of handling.
Like all our films, POLYpro is also available in UltraGrip for increased adhesion to digital prints.
In terms of applications, POLYpro is quite versatile. Because it has more give than PET-based laminates, it can be used on single-sided applications without curl issues. This makes it a cheaper, but somewhat poor alternative to nylon-based laminates for lay-flat applications. Typically, this film is run on applications such as mailers, magazine covers, book covers, folding maps, corporate brochures and posters.


NYpro laminate film is nylon-based and the film of choice for many book manufacturers. It comes in many widths and is available in both gloss and matte finishes. This leads to a film that runs well at high speeds and allows the print to breathe, making it perfect for single-sided applications. It's lay-flat with scuff- and scratch-resistant properties, which makes it ideal for single-sided applications.
Other features that make it ideal for these applications include its outstanding clarity and resistance to water, oil, acid and alkali. In terms of further finishing processes, NYpro is offset and UV printable and accepts spot UV. Because of its treatment during the manufacturing process, it also performs extremely well when die cut because it doesn't curl up. It is also available in UltraGrip for digital prints.
Applications that NYpro is most commonly used in include book covers and dust jackets. However, it's more expensive than POLYpro, and in some applications where possible, we see printers opt for POLYpro rather than NYpro.

SPECIALTYpro Laminates


Printers who are working on packaging applications, or applications that will be handled often, generally opt for SCUFFpro. It's a polypropylene laminate where the molecular structure of the surface has been changed using surface tension technology. This creates a film with a 5H hardness level that will not burnish, scuff or scratch. Additionally it features a high clarity flat-matte finish that enhances brands.
Besides packaging, we see this often used on business cards, menus, book covers, mailers, magazine covers, etc. Basically, it's ideal for consumer and high-use products that need an ultra-smooth, protective matte surface. SCUFFpro is also available in UltraGrip for digital prints. 


SOFTpro is our most popular product as a printable polypropylene overlaminate film. It's as soft as a rose petal and far surpasses any other soft touch laminates in tactile appeal and vivid color clarity. It's gluable, stampable and accepts spot UV coating, making it a popular option for printers looking to add value to prints. It also works exceptionally well with SLEEKpro foils and finishes, and is available in UltraGrip for digital prints.
It's commonly used on applications such as luxury packaging, business cards, presentation pieces, invitations; any package or application with high consumer interaction or anyone looking to make a statement through print.

DECOpro Laminates

If you're looking to stop consumers dead in their tracks, DECOpro laminates do that by carrying tactile interaction to a different level. Available in Wood, Leather, Linen and Grit finishes, DECOpro laminates use haptics to add an extra layer of sophistication to a printed piece.
All the DECOpro finishes are available in UltraGrip. 
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