Prints getting scratched? Try SCUFFpro

proTIP #31

You've seen that shiny spot on a print piece that's been matte laminated.
That's burnishing. And it sticks out like a sore thumb.

It happens when traditional matte print pieces vibrate slightly against each other - during travel, for example. The slight vibrations rub off the surface matte coating causing noticeable shiny spot/s.

But not with our SCUFFpro film.

Our SCUFFpro OPP (polypropylene) film isn't a top-coated matte product like competing products. We've changed the molecular structure of our film so that it's the same throughout and doesn't scratch or burnish. 

So which of your customers should be using SCUFFpro?

We've seen customers have success using SCUFFpro for book covers, menus, and packaging.
Packaging, in particular, is one application that has grown a lot recently, because brand owners want the assurance that when their product arrives in the hands of the end user, it looks exactly the way it did when it left their facility.

Like most of our laminates, this film is available in both standard and UltraGrip adhesives and therefore can be used for both offset and digital prints, respectively. 
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