How to find the best temperature & pressure for sleeking
proTIP #7
In this proTIP, Bob gives some tips for using the best temperature and pressure when sleeking. 

If you're having trouble with letters filling in or residue being left behind when you sleek, the issue may be temperature or pressure. 

If you have too much heat, it will re-melt the toner and when you strip away the foil, some of the toner will come with it. 

Too much pressure and your fine details may start filling in.

So ultimately, you want to start with the lowest pressure and lowest heat possible and increase in 5°F increments until you start seeing the desired results: very solid, flat adhesion to broad areas. 

Often, it's just a matter of figuring out what works best with your print processes and your sleeking device. But if you have any questions about the sleeking process, feel free to drop them here, and our team will be in touch.