How to wire-bind a book the correct way

proTIP #32


Double loop wire binding is a popular option if you're looking for a classy high-quality finish on catalogues and other high-end marketing material. But in the print industry, one mistake we often see is that customers forget to flip their back cover prior to binding, leaving the closure visible.
Quick and easy fix? Flip the back cover before binding, so that when you're done, the wire closure is hidden by the back cover. 

Other helpful tips for binding include: 
  • Choosing the correct wire size for your job. 
    A good rule of thumb is that your wire should be 1/8" thicker than your book block. E.g. if you have a job that's 7/16" thick, you should be using 9/16" wire.
  • Using the correct punch die for the block. 
    For book blocks from 1/8" up to 7/16", we'll use 1/4" - 9/16" wire, which will require a 3:1 punch pattern (three holes per inch). On books larger than 7/16" (using 5/8" wire and up), you'll require a 2:1 punch pattern (two holes per inch).
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