How to Load a Desktop Laminator

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Loading a Hot Laminator

  •  Flip the switch ON at the back of the machine to warm up the rollers.

  • Remove the top mandrel first by lifting it up, and sliding it to the right until the mandrel comes out of the hex head while moving back out towards the left side.

  • Repeat the process to remove the bottom mandrel.

  • Use the supplied Allen-key to loosen the gripper to make sure it's the same distance from the end on both mandrels; ensuring the laminate is aligned. 

  • Insert the mandrel into the roll of laminate and replace the gripper with the thumbscrew by securing it into the roll of film and tightening the screw.

  • Place the now laminate-covered mandrels back onto the laminator; make sure the arrows are pointing towards the heated roller. 

  • The gloss side of the film should always be touching the heated roller, otherwise, the rollers will get glued and jammed. 

  • Release the bottom idler roller by pushing it up, over forwards, and pulling it back down towards you. 

  • Remove tape from the top laminate roller and pull the film by bringing it underneath the top idler roller and up to the safety shield. 

  • [CAUTION the heater is ON.] Tuck the film underneath the safety shield, flip open the safety shield, and pull on the film so it hangs loosely on the heated roller.

  • Remove the tape from the bottom laminate roll, pull film underneath the bottom idler roller, and up and over the heated roller. Lightly tap across the films so they stick together on the heated roller.

Loading a Cold Laminator

If you want to load your laminator when it's cold, after the two layers of film are properly in place over the heated roller, tape the two layers of laminate to each other to secure them, then heat up the laminator before inserting the threading card. 

  • Place the bottom idler roller back into position by pushing it back and upwards until it is locked into place. 

  • Replace the feed table back into the laminator and re-engage the safety latch on the bottom right; lower the safety shield. 

  • Place the feeding card firmly in-between the rollers and press RUN on your laminator. 

  • Monitor the film and card, make sure that it goes between the back rollers; pull the film from the back of the machine. As the film aligns, the wrinkles will go away, creating smooth, clear laminate. 

  • Press the STOP button once the wrinkles are cleared.

  • Trim the laminate by placing the cutter in the middle, press the cutter down while sliding to one side of the film and then all the way back to the other side, creating a clean trim. 

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