How are you navigating the tactile paper shortage?

Paper tips and tricks to help you get ahead of your competition

The paper industry is wild.

A lot of our clients have been complaining about the current supply issues, especially where their customers are requesting jobs with tactile effects.

And it's only getting worse. As the market evolves, print customers are becoming more discerning because they realize the edge that tactile effects and other specialty finishing give their printed pieces over the competition.

But at the same time, price and supply issues in the paper market make reliably sourcing tactile paper feel like finding watermelons in the dead of winter!

It's virtually impossible, and the discerning print customer also doesn't want the chalky, gritty feel of UV coating or the residual smell that comes free of charge.

It's a tough game!

But where tactile paper is out of the question, we've seen clients turn to our specialty laminate line. 

A few of our popular options include:

  • SCUFFpro, popular for menus, packaging, or any application that will be handled often

  • our highly popular SOFTpro overlaminate film which makes the perfect layer for further embellishments such as spot UV coating or SLEEKpro digital foil

  • our SOFTpro Black, a rich deep black base laminate film with the same soft-touch appeal

  • our DECOpro line of textured laminates which include Leather, Linen, Wood, and Grit laminates

And most importantly, they all work with almost any laminator.

But what happens when you start using our SPECIALTYpro line instead of worrying about paper supply issues?

  1. You spend more time printing and less time trying to source paper

  2. You retain your clients' business instead of having to turn them away

  3. The customer gets their tactile effects at a much more reasonable price (without you having to eat your margins)

  4. You're ahead of your competition who's likely still worrying about points 1, 2, and 3!

Interested? Use the product links above to order online or email us at to request your SPECIALTYpro laminate swatch book!

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