Create an elegant wedding invitation using SOFTpro Black & SLEEKpro foil

proTIP #36
The wedding market can either be a lucrative market, or a HUGE source of frustration. The facts are, it takes a special person who can deal with multiple brides and all their special requests!

But what we absolutely love about the wedding market is the potential for embellishment! The possibilities are virtually endless.

So, in this proTIP, we create a wedding invitation using a few of our products. The result is a simple but elegant wedding invitation with soft touch appeal.


To create this piece, we first used SOFTpro Black laminate film to create a consistent rich background across all the invitations. Then we overprinted the text to be foiled with 100% black toner, to prepare the piece for the SLEEKpro process. Once that was done, we foiled the prints with SLEEKpro Copper foil on the the PODTopic 380F.

The final step?

Digital die cutting! We used the all-new FINISHpro 3547 AF Max to die cut our invitations. But you can use almost any digital die cutter from our line up to achieve the same results.

And in 4 easy steps, you have an elegant wedding invitation that successfully sets the theme for the special event.

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